Immunisations (or vaccinations) are an important public health measure which aid in the protection against a wide range of preventable diseases and infections which can cause significant illness in individuals. Prior to widespread availability of immunisations, many preventable diseases (such as Measles) could result in serious infections, death, or disability. As a result, immunisations play a vital role in your health and that of your community.

Answering Your Questions

If you have any concerns about vaccinations we encourage you to discuss these with our friendly doctors who are happy to explain in detail the benefits and risks of immunisations.

Fortunately, as vaccines have evolved, they are now safer than ever, with minimal side effects. The Australian Government provides a comprehensive vaccination program which is free to Medicare card holders, and all government funded immunisations are supplied free of charge at our clinic.

Even if you are not eligible for the government funded immunisations, in certain circumstances it is still recommended to be immunised prior to travelling, if there is a new born in the family, or if you are working in the health profession.

Our immunisation service complies with Australian standards, and Petrie Family Medical Practice is fully accredited for the storage of immunisations. Our doctors remain up-to-date with World Health Organisation recommendations for travel to any part of the world.

Annual Flu Clinics

Petrie Family Medical Practice runs an annual flu vaccination clinic. Our doctors highly recommend the annual flu vaccine as the virus changes every year. You may be eligible for a free flu vaccine. Call us at the practice to find out more about the flu clinics we are running and if you are eligible for a government funded vaccine.

Staying up to date with travel information, illness prevention, education and awareness of the local culture or region you plan to visit can help prevent accidents, injuries and illness. For more information on travel immunisations, click here.

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