Occupational Medicine

Work-related medicals and/or consultations are an important requirement for many occupations. Our doctors and nursing staff are able to assess and complete reports for you, often in the same visit. Please ensure you set aside a minimum of one hour for these types of appointments and let our reception staff know the type of work medical you require when booking your appointment.

Providing Comprehensive Occupational Medicine Services

Workplace injuries are a common occurrence. Our doctors are registered with Workcover QLD and other insurers. We understand the importance of working with employers and rehabilitation specialists to ensure a safe return to work plan for the injured worker. Our doctors provide prompt reports when requested and are available to discuss queries over the phone if required.

We also offer on-site flu clinics, as well as on-site corporate skin checks.

Pre-Employment Checks

Ensuring you are fit and able for your current or future job is important to your safety and wellbeing. A pre-employment medical examination is designed to assess your health to ensure optimum productivity and capability to perform required daily tasks.

From an employer’s perspective, pre-employment medical assessments are extremely beneficial for ensuring a safer working environment, a reduction in workplace injuries, downtime, Workcover claims and insurance costs.


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